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NKOYO is an innovative cookware brand that maintains high quality, durable and brilliant mechanical efficiency in performance. NKOYO has been producing and distributing its unique functional and high quality products since 2005…  Our product of highly trusted and demanded includes the super slicer, manual blender and juicer, nkoyo multipurpose blender, nkoyo meat mincer, nkoyo juicer.

NKOYO has strict principles for its design and production process in meeting with modern design and effect usage by our entire valuable customers throughout Nigeria and other neighbourhood countries…

NKOYO has its own research and development centre, all product are made in Malaysia, China and registered with (SON) STANDARD ORGANIZATION NIGERIA.

A quality kitchen appliance brand is not just about the name, it is one which combines name recognition, performance, and exciting features and customer satisfaction.  Nkoyo Kitchen Appliances will certainly surprise you.

Healthy living is beyond having the latest electronics in your kitchen. It’s about the experiences technology craft by ascertaining swift results with an hygienic process.

Nkoyo Appliances are designed with total consideration for optimistic performance to enhance the swiftness with all your kitchen and home basic tasks.

Nkoyo aims to equip users with the knowledge and give acquainted support they need to make good, consistent choices regarding their personal health and wellness.

So, let take charge of our life starting with what we take in. we should be more conversant with the production of majority of fast food and always be vigilant to our body reaction to whatever we are eating. Take a look for yourself and see if you agree. We hope to deepen your understanding of wellness and empower you on your journey to becoming your most vibrant self nutritious being and making it upto your families a healthy lifestyle.

Eat and drink more natural processed food to mark a happy healthy family lifestyle… make it yourself… Nkoyo!!!

  • Why Choose us? We provide you with quality and affordable product.
  • What are our aims? To provide good health information and products
  • Where are located? We are located at surulere Lagos State


We live it, so easy to use just put what you want to chop in the bottom and put it together and start chopping, the blades moves around without you having to move around without you having to move its base. Everything comes out chopped in just a few motion Easy to clean for the next time. YES I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Engr Aries Mosaso Ceo Martline

I’ve found this to be a very useful little mincer,I mince small quantities of veg sometimes meat on a daily basis. It is quick and easy to assemble and wash.

Jenifer Brown Manager of mukaz plc

This purchase replaced my original that was many years old. I waited too long to replace the old cross-blade with a new one, and the leaks compromised the base. Since using this mostly for smoothies, I find it convenient making it right in the cup I drink from. No complaints. It’s a machine that eventually will wear out, but with appropriate care lasts a long time.

May Ann Aguilar COO-Founder mammaletto

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